Full Moon Cross Body Bag

Full Moon Leather Gray and Black Retro Round Cross Body Bag

$89.00 $128.00


This round cross-body bag adds a little retro pop to your daytime getup or evening attire. Its two-tone color scheme features a black and gray leather exterior complemented by a perfectly round shape and petite size. At 8" tall, 8” wide and 2" deep, this cross-body bag doubles as the perfect evening clutch—simply remove the shoulder strap!

Sora Nomad was started by two sisters and friends of ours, Anne and Kelly Campbell. They share our sense of Wanderlust. Combined, they have explored and immersed themselves into over 60 countries.

Along the way they were inspired by the people, the colors and the crafts. The Sora Nomad collection is a physical manifestation of their experiences over the past years. It is a way to positively impact the economic structure globally, while providing functional, fashion forward products locally.

They focus on 5 important principles utilized to tackle poverty and injustice:

  • Empowering and Uplifting Women
  • Increasing Access to Education
  • Creating Tomorrow's Philanthropists
  • Protecting Our Vulnerable Youth
  • Bringing awareness to Fair Trade

More info on what makes this product awesome:

Eco Leather is bio-degradeable and utilizes grade A leather. This leather is created and tanned without the use of azo dyes, penta chloro phenol, chrome IV and formaldehyde to name a few.

This beauty is hand loomed by artisans in India.

Loom work in India is not only a form of art, it is a cultural identifier for the artisans in 40 villages surrounding Hyderbad. Ikat weaving is one of the most distinct and unique forms of art. To the artisans, weaving sustains their families economically, socially and culturally. When power looms were introduced to the weaving market in India, generations of families were devastated and a form of art was at risk. Hand-loomed weaving is not only preserving a valuable art form, it is continuing to sustain artisans for generations to come. We are proud to utilize this weave in our handbags and provide consumers with a beautifully crafted item.

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