About The Wandering Coast


The Wandering Coast is a socially conscious online boutique and blog. We believe the way you style your life can change another's. 

We feature coastal bohemian apparel, accessories, and home goods that help you create a life well-styled that helps you bring it all together- your desire to be surrounded by beauty and art, your desire to do good, your sense of adventure, and your heart to be a part of something much bigger than yourself.

Our collections each carry the power of a greater good. We do this by collaborating with conscious, empowerment partners, artisans, and brands who work tirelessly to make a unique impact in the world by fighting poverty & hunger, creating jobs or cleaning our environment. 

We donate 10% of all profits to fund projects we believe in. Be a part of our bigger story by following our adventures, hearing the stories of our partners, and watching our projects come to life by following our blog, The Wandering Spirit.

We are inspired by gypsies, adventurers, wanderers. 

The wanderer draws her inspiration from endless adventures around the world. She values style and substance and will not compromise on either. She wants the best of both worlds all in the name of a more beautiful one.

With every brave step she takes on this earth, she leaves it a little better and a little brighter. She is a true nomad. She finds divine pleasure in seeing places and faces in every corner of the world. Her greatest joy is to embrace the soul in everything and everyone she meets in her travels. 

She breathes easily and spends as much time as possible in nature. Her style is natural, cool, and effortless. Her home holds collections of her adventures. It’s filled with mementos of silver, turquoise, photos of her travels, beach wood, sea glass, and one-of-a-kind pieces. She is ethereal, bohemian, alive. She exudes pure and honest love and light. She is a beautiful, wandering spirit.

She lives life by design and on purpose. As she explores, she creates a more beautiful world. She lives boldly and loves deeply. 

Her collection is inspired by those stories you can’t always explain, but you can never forget.

"To know what we create is important,
to know why we create, so much more." 

Wander on, you beautiful souls you.
Love as big as the sky,

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