Meet the Founder, Brittany

Hi! I’m Brittany, it’s so nice to meet you! I am a former professional dancer, style enthusiast, and wanderer committed to changing the world for the better.

The idea for The Wandering Coast was born when I started taking volunteer trips around the world in 2014. I started finding the most divine pleasure in discovering places and faces in every corner of the world. As I would explore, I was lucky enough meet these incredible artisan from around the world. In the midst of extreme poverty and adversity, these artisans would somehow create the most beautiful pieces- art, jewelry, clothing with stories behind every one. Many times, this would be their only way out of poverty cycles, sex trafficking, or any hardship.

I would come back with these unique pieces for my family and friends. Eventually, people started asking where I got all of these pieces. I absolutely loved sharing the talent and stories of these artisans- how they built a better life for themselves, sharing their beautiful creations, and helping them create a better world all in one.

In the spring of 2017, I moved to the gulf coast of Florida and pursued my dream of opening The Wandering Coast.

What’s in the name?

Wandering because I am constantly drawn to traveling and exploring because it forces us to have different thoughts and perceptions about the world than our normal routine mind. To see things differently is to grow and evolve. Coast because I’m consistently drawn to life by the water. It’s an energy source and the one  thing that always makes me feel most calm and present, and I think it’s something we all share in humanity. The wandering coast is about what we can learn from each as well as what we all have in common, and that is love.

I believe in feeling good, being good, doing good and wanted to create a business centered around those ideals. Read more about the little girl who made this all happen here

I’m committed to bring these worlds together, because we are all connected. Follow my adventures and discoveries on “The Wandering Spirit” blog!

Wander on, you beautiful souls, you!

Love as big as the sky,


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