What We're Currently Working On- Safari Doctors and the Lamu Archipelago Medical Sail


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We are currently working diligently to provide funding for a medical sail around the Lamu Archipelago with Safari Doctors. Safari Doctors is a vocal advocate for the marginalised. They travel to remote corners of Lamu to promote access to health services and promote awareness. They are a team of 9 medical volunteers and staff that work tirelessly to provide healthcare where there would otherwise be none. 


The indigenous Aweer and Bajuni communities who live within the archipelago and on the mainland near the border with Somalia continue to suffer from neglect and insecurity. 


Their access to health services has been severely restricted by lack of infrastructure, insecurity and poverty. 


Every month, Safari Doctors makes the journey, or safari, by sea and road to provide primary healthcare. These communities they serve totals around 10,000 people. This year alone, they have been able to reach over 3,800 people across 12 villages.


These sails focus on women and children and especially on immunizations and family planning. Child immunizations have increased by 40%. Expectant mothers visiting clinics for antenatal appointments doubled. Communicable disease dropped by half and skin conditions by 30%. The number of girls undergoing FGM reduce from 70% to 60%. 



Their vision is to improve access to health services among marginalized communities in Lamu, through a mobile boat clinics and the development of a medical facility in a secure location. Safari Doctors aims to empower women and adolescent girls through reproductive and sexual health education and training. Finally, they are committed to engaging a disaffected youth by training a team of Health Scouts to work with them to empower themselves and their communities. 


The founder of Safari Doctors has been awarded as  a CNN Hero in 2016.



Learn more about Safari Doctors here:


Twitter: @SafariDoctors

Facebook: Safari Doctors 

Instagram: Safari Doctors



We are working on this project through The Village Cooperative. The Village Cooperative works on sustainable, income-generating projects with their partners in the developing world. They believe in creating opportunity and lifelong partnerships with each of the communities we support.




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