The 70's called. They want their jumpsuits back.

Brittany Hagan

Posted on August 21 2017

The 70's called. They want their jumpsuits back. But they can't because we LLOOOVVEEEE them!!

Did you know jumpsuits were first designed to keep the cold out and minimize the risk of covering important handles and such when skydiving. 

Skydiving JumpSuitsImage via Spirit Sky Sports

Today, we don't really recommend ours for skydiving. But you CAN wear them to the farmer's market on Saturday morning or Sunday brunch if you're basic. 

And if liking a brunch makes us basic, we want to be basic. Because, well we like to put our eating' dresses on just like the rest of them. Errr eatin' jumpsuits. 

Alright, so they're not all jumpsuits, some are just rompers. 

So, without further ado, here is bohemian summer 2017 trend number 5, rompers and jumpsuits, most of them have some sort of 70's details.

Take our La Finestra Jumpsuit for exhibit A...

How 70's and how wonderful is this piece!

I am in love with this print!


And look ma! Low back. 

I know, you're salivating now. Not over me, but the low back thing. It's a thing. 

I wore this to a bachelorette party a few weeks ago, and it was super fun and different to wear!

Here's exhibit B:

Our Gemini Playsuit. Why is it called a playsuit and not a romper? Because it's from Australia, and that's what they call it, and that's super cute so I'm not about to take that away from them. 

Love the details in this. It's perfect for a fun festival outfit with its free flowing sleeves, scalloped edges, tie waist and POCKETS!!!! 


Anyway, perfect for a festival or taking off in your jeep to the beach and being cool.


Or just whatever car you have. That's ok tooo (cough, loser, cough). Just kidding, we love you and your car. 


And last example is our Surf Gypsy Romper


Why is it 70's, you ask? Check out that tie dye...and zoom in for a second. 

Crochet Romper Detail

Dat crochet detail do. Ok sorry, we turned ghetto for a second. It's so cool though! And the bell sleeve. 

Just a few of our favorite things.

So, in essence. Sorry, 70's we're gonna keep our jumpsuits and 70's rompers right here in 2017.

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