Snorkeling and Hiking and Cruising Oh my! Your Guide to the Galapagos Islands

Brittany Hagan

Posted on November 19 2017

The Galapagos Islands. The mysterious volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The birthplace of the theory of evolution. The ultimate goal of adventurers around the world. The biologically mystifying islands with an exclusive group of animal and plant species.

The place Ryan humped me while in an empty Galapagos tortoise shell in front of forty 55+ year olds. 

What? We're biologically evolved.

Ok, now the real details. How did we decide on the Galapagos anyway? Ryan took an adventure cruise with his mom about 2 years ago and they went to Alaska. He absolutely loved it and while he was there put a deposit on another trip in his and my name. 

He surprised me for my birthday, and we got to choose the location together. The company is called Uncruise and they go all over. All destinations sounded cool, but I have wanted to see the Galapagos ever since I knew they existed. So, we decided a date and committed to making it happen! And happen it did. 

To get to the islands, most fly in by way of Quito. You can read about our time in Quito here

From Quito, normally you fly to Guayaquil which gets you close to the coast, then take a puddle jumper to Isla Baltra which is where the only airport is in the Galapagos. Cutest little airport you ever did see.

This is pretty much what you feel like flying in there. via GIPHY


After essentially being stripped of any sort of disease, insects, and trail mix on us (we had a lot... of trail mix that is), we were shuttled over from Isla Baltra to the ship- La Pinta!


La Pinta Uncruise

Ain't she a beaut?! Not the guy in the hat. The boat.

After we got settled in our little cabin,

Cabin La Pinta(we got comfortable quickly)

and started eating our weight in food and drink (which continued for the next 8 days), we headed on our little panga to Isla Seymour Norte for super cool experience. 

Watchin' birds do it. In the wild. It's a lot cooler than it sounds. Although there is no mating season for frigate birds and blue footed boobies it sure seems like I was time, so we scored big time! And so did they apparently...


Blue Footed Boobie
By God, it's a booby! With blue feet!

Blue Footed Boobie Mating
Their little mating dance.

It's so stinking cute. Here's what it looks like to a T...

The frigate birds blow up the big red gobble under their neck to attract a mate. Equally as cool!

My favorite part of this video is in the title..."with success". Because we all know what a mating call without success is like...ends in a small tub of Ben & Jerry's and slightly bigger tub of wine. 

And this is what happens with success for real.

A baby! Yessssss.

And here are some random excerpts I felt like putting in here...

Another very strange thing about the Galapagos is that the animals just leave the bones of whatever dies. Skeletons can literally be seen almost in their last position. Like this poor little sea lion. It's such a strange site.

Bones in Galapagos Islands

And here's another blue book-bagged booby.
Ryan Galapagos Day 1

A bird with a crop circle...made of shit.
Bird Crop Circle
Does it just make him feel safe? Is it for keeping time? Does he just have no legs?! Help!

And to end, here's me squatting next to an iguana. The iguana squat. The iguasquata. Ok, I'm done. 
Iguana Day 1

Stay tuned for more fun Galapagos escapades.

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