Leave your chaps at home.

Brittany Hagan

Posted on August 02 2017

Number TWO! Here we come. Yikes, maybe I should rephrase that. Let's move onto the second trend of 2017!

Leather details. From chokers (not sure about that one) to straps on a tank, to trim on pants, leather is everywhere. Not like "I heart Harley Davidson" kind but more bohemian, brown, small leather details, so don't get your matching black leather jacket and chaps out of storage just yet.

Take it slow... wear it as a tie on the back of a necklace, fringe on a cross body bag, etc.

We have some incredible, stunning leather details on our bags from Sora Nomad. 

The Roam Free Clutch

Boho leather clutch


Full Moon Cross Body Bag


Black and Gray Retro Leather Purse


The Roam Free Market Bag


Ikat Boho Laptop Cross Body Bag



Another detail I love is the SUPER soft leather tassels on these necklaces and bracelets...


The Day Tripper Necklace (comes in 3 colors!)...

Leather Tassel


and matching Day Tripper Bracelet (also comes in 3 colors!)

Day Tripper Bracelet


The Sole Necklace (comes in sand too!)

Sole Necklace


the Mare Necklace necklace (comes in all colors but the pink!)

Mare Necklace


and last but certainly not least... this coastal Goddess creation!

The Polynesian Queen Necklace

Polynesian Queen Necklace


So there you go, wasn't that a little better than your leather chaps? I thought so.

Love & Light, 




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