Is it really fair, though? Making Fair Trade Month Fun

Brittany Hagan

Posted on October 15 2017

October tends to be a month of...well, other months. It's always home to the ever important Breast Cancer Awareness month, Down syndrome Awareness month the month of Halloween... and then the ALSO very important Caffeine Addiction Recovery month (wish me luck on that one), National Family Sexuality Awareness month (good luck to YOU on that one), the Go Hog Wild - Eat Country Ham month (WHAT?!),  and Bat Appreciation month.

Yikes. October sounds confused. It's also Fair Trade Month. Why does this matter, you ask?

It's a time to really look at the way we're doing things and where our products come from. To me, this really means putting the spotlight on challenges like child labor, slavery, and also celebrating the farms, factories, brands and retailers that are doing things differently. 

It's about celebrating people and brands that are doing things right. 

Here's a few highlights to learn about Fair Trade:

1.) What the heck does it mean? Basically, Fair Trade is a certification of social, environmental and economic responsibility. If a product is Fair Trade Certified, you can count on the fact that it was grown or made with strict standards in mind. hands holding coffee beansThese standards include safe working conditions, no child or forced labor, elimination of harmful chemicals, no GMOs, you get the picture.

In a nutshell, it's the good shit. 


2.) Why should I care? Fair Trade makes a HUGE difference in the standard of living for the people who make productsFair Trade producers are democratic. Essentially, they vote together to determine how best to use their additional income to address what they need most. It makes a huge difference for them which makes a huge difference for humanity. We are sharing this existence, let's make anything we can easier on fellow humans.

“Fair Trade has made a huge difference in my life,” says Ulysma Desiline, a Fair Trade mango grower in Haiti. “Working with a Fair Trade cooperative allows me to support my family.” Source

Why fair trade matters


3.) How can I help? Be conscious about where you're shopping. You my not know where to get the most ethically created coffee or bags, but the people you're shopping from should know. Let them do the work for you. Brands like Whole Foods, Patagonia, West Elm, Naked Juice, Kashi, and The Wandering Coast (shameless self promotion) really embrace fair trade and do the research so you don't have to. 










4.) Let's celebrate! We are celebrating Fair Trade Month by hosting a giveaway of our FAVORITE fair trade bags. Head to our Instagram or Facebook and tag 3 people who care about where their products come from to be entered to win a gorgeous free clutch! There are 3 colors to choose from. Check them out here!







Fair Trade Clutch

Happy Fair Trade month, wanderers!

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