I kinda love it here.

Brittany Hagan

Posted on March 15 2017

So, it's official. I'm moved in down here on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida, all settled...and by settled I mean my shit's all over, I brought way too much stuff, and I have no idea where anything will go. Other than that, alllll settled :)
moving mess
BUT. I will say even though we've got a bit of work left, it feels amazing to be here. It's absolutely beautiful everyday, I see my family all the time now, and the only time I have to say goodbye to Ryan is when he leaves for work. 
snap chat rabbit filter
No more sad rabbit tears. We look so special.  
No more sad goodbye hugs at the airport, no more missing family events, no more rushing around trying to figure out my life. It's pretty freaking fantastic. 
I hope I never forget how lucky I am to live here. In these beginning stages, it's so nice to be fascinated with it all, to be enamored with paradise, and our new home together. I'm sure it will wear off (could be the massive amount of sleep and rest I'm getting finally), but I really hope this gratitude and sense of contentment stays at least for a while. 
A little recap of the most recent events!
We got to shower Ryan's sister, Marina and her husband Sean on Saturday with about the most beautiful baby shower I've ever seen. 
baby shower love
The Perrone's backyard is the perfect setting for well... anything? Except maybe like a monster truck rally I suppose. That's really all I can think of. Although I bet with enough adorable little monster truck decorations, we could make it work. 
beautiful florida backyard
Second awesome happening, my parents got a boat, and we got a little lesson on it! With Captain Donn... who is now our life captain. Or captain for life. Or whatever, it's all dutch to me (is that how that saying goes?) Annyywhoo..... Here she blows.
brand new sea ray boat family pic
Why yes we all did get matching Sea Ray hats. Just wait until we all get matching fanny packs, then you will really be embarrassed of me. We didn't buy these, guys, they were a gift, so cast your judgement elsewhere. 
Captain Donn showed us all the ins and outs of the amenities and we tried our best to not say "That's what she said" about 12 times. We're mature. 
man and his boat
The happiest dad you ever did see. 
getting my sea legs 
Getting my sea legs. That's when you just put your legs up and don't do anything right??
funny boat name
No we're not drug dealers. Nor do we use porpoises for anything except their intended porpoises. What is a porpoise's intended purpose? Oh man. Now I'm just confused. 
Anyway, my dad just has a quirky sense of humor.
day on the ocean
Sea why I like it here? Oh man, the puns. They just take over me sometimes, it's involuntary. 
Ok, now someone come visit so I can show you in person!


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