Bohemian Trends Inspiration for Summer 2017

Brittany Hagan

Posted on July 23 2017

There was SO much stuff at the market. I mean... woah! It was tough to dig through it all. But when we did a few themes emerged, and I'm hurr to give you the ultra exclusive list (along  with everyone else that reads this) of what cool things are hot right now so you can look cool too. How bout THAT?! Yeah, you're excited, I know. Calm down, you're embarrassing yourself.

Sooo, without further is your list!

1.) Tassles! Not the kind you wear at Showgirl 3 after midnight. This kind. A lot more classy and a lot more comfortable (I would imagine).

We have seen them be rocked on everything from beach cover ups...

Grecian Beach Cover Up Vest


To beaded necklaces...

Leather beige tassel necklace with bead


To front ties on a tank

Bohemian Printed Mandala Shirt Brown


To essentially holding a shirt together on the side in this adorable top

Black Samsara Tank


And finally, maybe my personal favorite, these amazing home decor beads! They can go on a lamp, on a vase, or anywhere your little heart desires!

Bead garlands for home decor


In fact, they are so hot that we have an entire shop dedicated to them here!

Tassles are here to stay with a vengeance. At least over the next couple of seasons, and we have some awesome ones from Bali coming your way!

Summer Bohemian Trends #2 here!

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