2017 Festival Style Trends from Okeechobee Music & Arts Fest

Brittany Hagan

Posted on March 13 2017

Ahh! Guyssss, it's festival season. We just got back from our first one this year, and it was EPIC. 


It's actually only about a 2.5 hour drive from our home in Sarasota, and it's called Okeechobee Music and Arts Fest. It just started last year, and it is an absolute GEM. 


My music recommendation from the festival- Pretty Lights. If you haven't seen him, I sound like such a hippie saying this, but it is such an experience. It may not be the best video, but gives you an idea of what it was like. 


My boyfriend Ryan is a light nerd, he loves lamp. Now I totally understand why, because they can truly transform something from ok into an incredible atmosphere. 

Lights are one of the best parts of the festival. They use them to light the surrounding trees areas throughout so you almost feel like you're under the sea! It's the coolest thing. 

okeechobee music festival lighting trees

okeechobee music festival lighting 2017

okeechobee music festival 2017 lights


I mean how beautiful are these spaces?!

okeechobee music festival the grove



My camping recommendation...this little baby right here.

festival roof top tent camping

Here's the company we got it from if you're interested in getting one. They're based out of Australia. It was our little family tree house all weekend, and it was BADASS. It has a 2-inch mattress in it so it's way more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, gives an incredible breeze and view being up that high, it's totally waterproof, and to top it off it folds up like a sandwich on the roof!

So, if you like sandwiches you'll love it, and if you don't, we probably shouldn't be friends. 

Itt doesn't take up any room in the car which left room for the really important stuff like our t-rex costumes and pizza pool float. 

Ok, enough of that...

Alright, now for the fashion trends we saw! 

Here are few of my favorites. 

1.) We so tons of the bralettes with little kitschy icons on them (think slices of pizza or cats). Too fun!

music festival fashion trends 2107

2.) High low skirts/shorts are definitely going to be seen a lot this year. Love this one with the tribal print. 

music festival outfit ideas high low skort skirt

3.) Deez flower headbands though. We are seeing less around the front of the head this year and more on top of the head like a crown.

music festival outfit ideas flower headband

4.) High waisted bathing suit bottom with the side openings were prominent too. This girl is rocking them. 

music festival outfit ideas high waisted bathing suit bottoms

5.) Spiral earrings were all over the place! I bought some similar to these in silver and will have some coming in for the store in April!

boho jewelry spiral earrings gold


Leave a comment and tell us your favorite festival trend or what festival you're planning on going to this year!

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